Wai Kee Sei Wu Lai Fan & Vegas Kitchen

威记四会赖粉 Wai Kee Sei Wu Lai Fan


Do you miss the taste of traditional handmade noodles? We will introduce to you Wai Kee Sei Wu Lai Fan which is from a small family business in Kampar. They are selling dry, broth, and curry noodles. However, what makes their food so special is their handmade noodle, Lai Fun (a type of Chinese noodles). 

There is some stall that selling Lai Fan out there but one of our favourite is Curry Lai Fan from Wai Kee. Curry Lai Fan is the most preferable food among youngster and Kampar residents. While you’re eating Curry Lai Fan, it tasted like original curry with thin Lai Fan. It is quite different from others noodles that we always eat. This noodle is really rare to find it. So, it is quite fortunate for us to get this chance! It is really tantalizing and mouth-watering. However, prices are quite affordable. You should reach on time before it is sold out. 

Eat it while it is still hot!



< Each dishes priced range from RM 4.00 to 5.00 inclusive drinks. It is really affordable and economical. The food is savory which makes you feel satisfy either.


There are three options which is curry, broth and dry for you to taste it differently. Broth and Dry Lai Fun are for those who don’t eat spicy food!  The noodles are as appealing as usual!


< Other than Lai Fan, Wai Kee also has variety type of side dishes such as chilies, meatballs, fried balls, chinese beancurd skin and others. Fried balls are the best side dishes
. It is also handmade by the owner. All of the side dishes are freshly made by themselves on the day before opening. 


Sambal Sauce


You have to ensure the handmade sambal sauce mix together with the noodles (Dry or Broth). Sambal mix well with the Lai Fan!  It will indulge your appetite with spiciness. >








< Beautiful scenery 

As shown above, the stall always crowded with customer once it is open. The owner work non-stop from evening until the supplies last! They always serve what is the best for customers!

Line up for selecting side dishes

Short History of Wai Kee Sei Wu Lai Fan

Wai Kee Sei Wu Lai Fan is founded by the owner’s mother. She started this business by the inspiration of making traditional handmade Lai Fun. Owner has been helping his mother since young age. As his mother already aged, she was incapable to continue this business and inherited to her son which is current owner of Wai Kee. His family had operated this business for almost 40 years. At first, they started their business from a tricycle road side stall and slowly expanded to small size stall in Kampar. Now, his daughter would help along while his wife is responsible in making drinks. Their main noodle is handmade rice noodles which also known as Lai Fan (赖粉) and side dishes is Zhao Yun (炸丸子). They always sold about 80 bowls per day. The location is at Wah Loong Baru, Kampar which is about 10 minutes away from Westlake Home.
The stall is located somewhere in the middle of Wah Loong area. So, it will be quite confusing in searching for the stall. However, customers are still willing to drive all the way there just to taste the Lai Fan. Lai Fan is a kind of noodle made by whole rice. Wai Kee had successfully made the Lai Fan out of ordinary. Up till now, they are still using their own traditional way in making Lai Fan to maintain its quality, taste and flavour. The quality, taste and flavor are unique and extraordinary from others. Maintaining the uniqueness is not an easy task if there are any mistakes. Pouring effort to maintain customer’s satisfaction definitely could maintain the uniqueness. Their greatest asset of dishes is Curry Lai Fun. This is their signature dish which you should try before it sold out! It will finish in a short time period.

< Feedback from UTAR students: “It is very delicious. We came here almost thrice in a month. What we like the most is their chili sauce (sambal) and their handmade Lai Fan (赖粉). We will recommend to more friends! ”




Feedback by local residents:  “We came here very often. The Lai Fan was very smooth and filled with rice fragrant. We loved it! I will give a big like for their food. It will make me miss more traditional food.” >



< Feedback from UTAR student: “It is sooooooooo delicious! I’m loving it! Slurpinggg till the end of the noodle. Lai Fun is the best of all in Kampar! Come and visit here”  





Feedback from Sitiawan visitors: “We will never forget the taste of the famous Lai Fan (赖粉) and Zhao Yun (炸丸子). It was so delicious which we will definitely visit here in future!”>



Group Photo
Group photo with Wai Kee owner’s and family

Lai Fun has continued their history for 40 years with their signature dish, Curry Lai Fun. By creating this platform, it will be an effective way to spread the authentic food to everyone in Malaysia. You can drop by Wai Kee Sei Wu Lai Fan, Kampar while you’re travelling to Perak! It will be a great regret for you if you didn’t come!

Interview with Wai Kee Owner

Overall about Wai Kee Sei Wu Lai Fan

Find them at :-
威记四会赖粉 Wai Kee Sei Wu Lai Fan
No 26, Jalan 12,
Wah Loong Baru,
31900 Kampar, Perak.

Opening and Closing hours:
Starts from 6.30 pm until supplies last.
Open everyday except Sunday.
Direction to get there:

wah loong new.PNG


Latitude: 4.30878

Longitude: 101.148122

Google Maps: Wai Kee Lai Fun




Vegas Kitchen, Kampar

vegas signboard.PNG

Are you looking for the best western cuisine in town? Drop by Vegas Kitchen, Kampar for wider perception towards their cuisine! It is greatly served with different kind of western cuisine. Are you looking forward? Scroll down for more information.

Short Story about Vegas Kitchen
Vegas Kitchen, Kampar was founded by the owner, Mr Steven in 13 January 2010 together with his wife, Ms Beverly Chew. The owner of the cafe is a food lover. At young age, he was inspired by a famous chef on television cooking show. From that time onward, he started to learn on western cuisine. Vegas Kitchen only served western cuisine such as spaghetti, burger, drinks, liquor and many more. The burger consist of three types of patty which is chicken, beef and fish. The owners will consider about the customers who are Budddhist because they couldn’t consume beef. Therefore, Ms Beverly will ensure consumer orders in order to avoid any misfortune occur. They also have reservation service for you to book earlier.

Their signature cuisine is MAMBO burger. MAMBO burger is made by Steven and Beverly. Before they started their business, they wanted to produce the only special burger in town to expose their specialty. Hence, they had brainstormed by producing the biggest burger in town, MAMBO Burger only available in Vegas Kitchen. They only served MAMBO burger 15 set per day for dine in only. Even youngster would use MAMBO burger as their birthday cake since it is bigger size than our hand palm. The interior concept of the Vegas Kitchen is designed with classic western concept. It sustained its western ambiance to serve together with food and music. It is also a great place for friends and family to hang out together. Ms Beverly also ensure they would provide best sensation for customers to enjoy western cuisine. Students from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) will fill up their stomach by consuming at Vegas Kitchen because it is cost effective with big portion. In addition, the surrounding, classic music and ambiance are provided for students to feel more relaxed while dining in. For those who are coming here for the first time, you will be in midst of thoughts because it has variety selection of burgers. Almost all has similar ingredients with slightly different taste with some exceptional one. However, everything will be served the best for you!

                                                                 Menu Selection as above


How could we forget the biggest and famous burger in town, MAMBO Burger! It filled with eggs, ham, chicken patty, salads and cherry on top. Once you ate, it melts in your heart with full of sensation. This burger definitely couldn’t be finished by one person. The price is only RM31.90 which is reasonable for customers! Although it is a portion for 4 persons, it can still managed to serve up to 6 persons. They limit only 15 set per day for dine-in only! So, don’t miss this chance and quickly grab this MAMBO Burger before it sold out.


< Our group member, Kai Ling is trying to measure the size of the burger with her hand. It is huge than her hand palm. You will definitely amazing to see it with your own sight.

4The view of inside the MAMBO Burger Chicken patty, ham and  salad looks sedative to us.>


For spaghetti lovers,  we will introduce to you spaghetti called Ball Of Fire. This spaghetti is serve with dust of spice, which is still quite spicy with sauce such as bolognese along with fish balls. It spice up for spicy lovers! This specialty is the spiciness filled in the spaghetti. Remember to order cold drinks with you. The price is reasonable with RM 11.50. However, for those who don’t want the spices, just say a No and they will remove the spice for you! For those who can’t take up the spice, you can choose either White Angel Hair or Vegas Bolognese.

<At Vegas Kitchen, you will find there are various type of burger with unique title such as Obama Burger, Lost World Burger, Vampire Chaser Burger and others which will be difficult choices in your mind!

Don’t worry. Let us introduce Alcatraz Burger which would fill up your stomach! It can be served with option of patty (chicken or fish) come along with french fries! The chicken patty in batter, lettuce, tomato, mayo and their honey BBQ sauce served in the bun. You will be pleased by the burger which you can’t escaped .




Programme from 8TV, Ho Chiak! visited Vegas Kitchen for interview and airing. It has been recognized by residents and students in Kampar. >





< Vegas was billed to be the “Original American Diner”. The choice of the American Cuisine is burgers, pastas, liquor and steaks.





American style of concept is adopted which customers could feel the ambiance and classical. It will reminisce on those olden days which we couldn’t have the chance to experience before. >



< Feedback from UTAR students: “I am really impressed with the huge burger in front of my eyes. My hometown doesn’t have as huge as this burger. The moment when I ate it, the taste is different from the usual burger. I will definitely recommend my hometown friends and family to visit Vegas Kitchen when they drop by Kampar! It is definitely worthwhile visitation. “



Feedback from group of UTAR students : “We are satisfied with the flavor of the spaghetti which spice us up with unforgettable taste. MAMBO Burger is the biggest burger we ever seen up till now. We should spread the greatest food to the residents and students in Kampar and also whole Malaysian!” >


A group photo with Ms Beverly. For those who are from overseas such as America, you will miss your home country food. Drop by Vegas Kitchen for dinner! If you haven’t been to overseas, it is okay. Vegas Kitchen is ready to satisfy your craving in cost-effective way! Have a delightful dine in at Vegas Kitchen for the taste of American Western Cuisine!

Video about Vegas Kitchen, Kampar

Find them at :-
Vegas Kitchen,
2175, Tingkat Bawah (Ground Floor),
Jalan Timah, Taman Baru Barat,
31900 Kampar, Perak

Hour of operations:-
Monday to Sunday,
6.00 pm to 11.00 pm.

Direction from Westlake to Vegas Kitchen:-
Vegas Kitchen.PNG



Latitude: 4.328491

Longitude: 101.145063

Google Map: Vegas Kitchen, Kampar



Our Group Evaluations of these businesses

A) Your group opinion and why you selected these two places?
       Firstly, our group opinion has shown corporations and same thinking on choosing Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen. The reason why we choose these two places is because we wants to deliver the famous and best food in the town. Basically, Kampar is just a small town with low population. However, Kampar also has variety of famous food which would satisfy customer’s appetite. One of them is Wai Kee Lai Fun. They are focusing on their handmade Lai Fun which is chewy and unique. It had been inherited for almost 40 years history which is famous in Kampar. This could let Malaysian to taste the traditional food which has been sustain for quite a long time. Besides, Vegas Kitchen could let more customers to know more about original american diner which can help them to get closer to foreign country’s foods. Some might been before to overseas but some might not. Therefore, this can bring out greater exposure for customers to taste different kind of food. Customers could taste food from Malaysia and American style.

          Secondly, we also wanted to expose these two places to more target customers. These two places only target in Kampar residence and students. It will be a waste for them if they didn’t spread to more customers from different state. With spreading to more target customers, more customers from different state could enjoy different kind of foods when they drop by Kampar. In addition, Kampar will be more famous for variety of foods.

           Lastly, both of these places which is Wai Kee Sek Wu Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen is cost-effective. They would consider the prices for citizens of Malaysia. This is the famous food which we have to try it before it is too late to do so. Their food are unique and different from other stall which also difficult to get from somewhere else other than Kampar. Both of these place only have one branch located in Kampar.

B) Its classification of e-commerce by nature of the transactions or interactions
          The classification of e-commerce by the nature of the transaction of these both food stalls is business to consumer also known as B2C. B2C is defined as an internet and electronic commerce model that refers to a financial transaction or online sale between a business and consumer. B2C involves a business exchange service or product with consumers, by which the trader directly sell products to consumers (Techopedia, 2016). These doesn’t involve intermediaries between the trader and consumer. B2C not only related to online business, it is also related to offline business, although the B2C primary had been used for online variety  (Orourke, 2016).

        Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen both are doing direct business with the consumers. Wai Kee Lai Fan is operating their business in a half self-service way as consumers will queue to choose the various side dishes, noodles and 2 different types of soup. After that, the boss will proceed to cook the food before serve to the consumers. After customer done consume, consumers will make payment to the boss directly. About Vegas Kitchen, they will provide a menu to consumers. Then, the boss will make an order for consumers. After that, consumers of Vegas Kitchen also make the payment direct to the boss.

          Since there is no any mediator have exist in both food stalls’ transaction, therefore we conclude that the classification of e-commerce by the nature of the transaction of these two food stalls is business to consumer (B2C).

C) Its business models
A business model is the way that a company selling their goods and services to generate the profit from customers through online or offline. Wai Kee Lai Fun & Vegas Kitchen, the business model have been adopted by these two food store is direct selling model. Direct selling business model is a traditional and simple business model which have been used long time ago. According to Baker (1984), he defined direct selling model is a form of selling without retail outlets, distributors, wholesalers or any types of third parties involved. Bypass the traditional sales channel to target the end users or customers. Methods include door-to-door sales and company-owned store.

           Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen are belongs to company-owned store method, which means that they deliver their goods or products physically to their end customers. Although Vegas Kitchen has their own official Facebook Page and some blog from different bloggers, they doesn’t really active in performing in online business. Therefore, Vegas Kitchen only engage and build their relationship directly with end customers. In addition, Wai Kee Lai Fun is using traditional way in business. Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen don’t provide any delivery services to customers. Customers only could dine in. In return, customers only can directly contact or consume about food at the physical place. Facebook Page is one of the communication tools to interact with customers. This could let others to share their experience about services and food provided. This is the reason we are adopted direct selling business model instead of others business model.
4.jpg          In addition, by adopting direct selling business model, Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen able to build and maintain the good relationship with customers because face-to-face communication with each others. These good relationships between Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen and customers allow them have a better understanding of their customers. accessing to more consumers would ensure their good customer services. Vegas Kitchen and Wai Kee Lai Fun have the degree of controlling over the price and products. They are able to present their products and services effectively and efficiently. They are less reliable on the services from retailers. Thus, both Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen may able generate more profit from their customers by adopting direct selling business model.

D) Its basic approach used in marketing and advertising

Viral Marketing
          The common method used by both Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen is viral marketing. Viral marketing refers to electronic word-of-mouth marketing (WOM) in which customers promote a product or service by telling others about it (Efraim Turban, 2012). This can be done in many ways especially through conversations facilitated in chat rooms, by e-mails, by text messaging, and by posting messages in newsgroup. Those who are good at viral marketing, especially young adults would recommend Wai Kee Lai Fun to their family members and friends through text messaging them of the various side dishes and the special homemade Lai Fun (a type of noodle in Chinese).

          With WOM advertising, many people from other places would know Wai Kee Lai Fun and these people will then forward messages to their friends, which help to build brand awareness at a minimal cost. Vegas Kitchen’s specialty is also spread fast by its customers through posts of images of their famous mambo burger. Although this method has been used for generations, its speed and reach are multiplied by the Internet. That is why viral marketing plays a significant role in e-commerce and social commerce.

          Viral marketing can also be done by bloggers, referred as viral blogging. Viral blogging can be very effective when a blogger creates a blog post and write a post about a product or services. In this case, both Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen have been on blogs written by bloggers who had been to both the places. This is an effective marketing method that helps where readers or other bloggers get to comment on the post and then other users get to view on the comments and make decision on whether to consume the product or service recommended.

             Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected computer, mobile device, website visitor, or other (Efraim Turban, 2012). Geolocation data include information such as country, region, city, time zone, and most importantly the longitude and latitude. Geolocation application that run on mobile devices provide richer experience as smartphones today have a Global Positioning System (GPS) chip inside. Customers use their GPS-enabled smartphone to let their friends know where the location of Wai Kee Lai Fun and Vegas Kitchen by texting the location information, longitude and latitude coordination of the exact position of both the places and in return, their friends will track the location given. Geolocation data can also be found on the webpage of the business or even from blogs written by bloggers (as shown in Image 1).
121212.png          Several start-ups are competing fiercely in the geolocation market, especially Foursquare which enable users to post their location at a venue (check-in) and connect with friends, in addition that this Foursquare application works with all smartphones. This application also recommends places for users to go as it provides map, marketing locations as “checking in”. As they check-in, it could be seen by their friends or family who using foursquare. It could spread to their surrounding to in depth knowing about these two places. (as shown on Image 2 and Image 3).

Social Networks
          This approach is related to the current trend, which is the social networking. It refers to social networking where members converse and connect with one another using cellphones or other mobile devices (Efraim Turban, 2012). Website such as Facebook is offering mobile services where consumers get to spread or introduce a product or service easily to others by posting texts and images on the web’s homepage as it is more convenient.

           Vegas Kitchen has set up a Facebook page (as shown in Image 4) used to update their latest menus and also to acknowledge customers from other places of their exact location in Kampar, Perak. With this current software, interactions within mobile social networks are not limited to exchanging simple text messages on a one-to-one basis, but graphics, voice, and videos. Although Wai Kee Lai Fun does not have a Facebook page, its post seems to be seen on Ipoh Facebook page posted by its customers to help spread their product to other people (as shown in Image 5)

E) Recommendations to improve business through e-commerce
          We came up with several recommendations to improve businesses through e-commerce for Wai Kee Lai Fun. Firstly, we recommend Wai Kee Lai Fun (WKLF) to improve their businesses by connecting to more users through virtual communities which have a group of users who have similar interest about food in internet (Weiner, 2013). Virtual communities could bring members together to socialize and promote products. For instance, they can open up a Facebook community group or discussion for customers from different state of Malaysia to allow flexibility in the interaction about foods, opening hour, holidays and more. These would gain strong responsive from users.

          Secondly, WKLF should improve their businesses by creating Instagram and Pinterest to post up the idea of the foods they made creatively. Whereby, users could review on eye catching photography of food from time to time. It would engage with user to know in-depth about their foods and store. Additionally, they could include their phone number and location to find your offline store. Therefore, they can expose their photography of food towards more customers

        Lastly, WKLF should enhance internet advertising by adopting social network such as Facebook and Twitter. They could always share and update their page frequently with promotions and new menu for users (The Close Factory, 2016). Not only that, delivery service can be adopted for user’s convenience. Customer service can be adopted in social network for user’s feedback and viewpoint. Advertising through social networks could directly display advertisement while users are surfing. For Twitter, a short message can be delivered to customers with sort of photos attached. Short and simple message could clarify a greater attraction for users. They could be receptive with users responses. Therefore, they can regain its reputations among users.

         We came up with several recommendations to improve businesses through e-commerce for Vegas Kitchen. Firstly, we recommend Vegas Kitchen (VK) to build a well-designed website to improve credibility of the business. They should segment its products accordingly. Users could browse on history, foods and beverages, gallery, promotions, food review, store location and contact information. This will create an opportunity for business to build up brand loyalty.

            Secondly, VK can provide personalize services in website or mobile application for users to address their taste and preferences. VK should generalized product selection step by step with ingredients provided. However, VK also could achieve customers data about their preferences and interest (Marketing Cloud, n.d). This could capture users’ attraction and satisfaction to select their preferences towards food. VK could retain customer engagement with variety of selections in personalize services to drive sales.

             Thirdly, VK can make online product catalog for customers to search the variety of foods and drink that they served. Product catalog through online is applicable to design a simple desired product catalog for users to be surf. They could produce multimedia product catalog such as video, image and many more. User will be convenient and easy to surf, download and refer (E-Commerce, 2016). Nonetheless, users also could select their desired food choice before they dine in, take away or delivery. Therefore, VK also could enhance their product catalog.

             Lastly, VK can create their Vlog (video blog) to update on latest product line, express their creativity and uniqueness of food, process of making food, food details and more. However, they also could customize the video by user’s request. Vlog can approach and inform more users about foods produced by Vegas Kitchen. By using this method, VK could increase the company’s presence towards customers (Marketing, 2013).


E-Comerce (2016). Product Catalog. Retrieved from http://www.k-ecommerce.com/product-catalog

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